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First and foremost is the client and users. These aren't always one in the same, but we understand that the ultimate goal of any space we design is for the enjoyment and improvement of everyone who interacts with it. That means that we look at a project holistically, from understanding what a client needs to how users will interact with the how a janitor may clean a space. We understand that as amazing as a design can be, it will not be successful if it does not function properly for the people.


We don't believe in a "style" of architecture. You may see elements and similarities among our designs, but we believe that every project and every site is unique and therefore requires a unique solution every time. Other than people, nothing informs a design more than it's site or location. Every place has unique features, advantages, and constraints. It has a history and story to tell and we want to understand all of that so that we can create a design that seamlessly blends all of that information together.


We believe that the scope, or size, of a project is very closely tied to the quality of a project. Since we value quality so highly we keep our focus strictly on small to midsize projects. This allows us to ensure that we haven't missed a single detail within the design and results in an intimate understanding of the project and therefore control over it during the construction process. Similarly, when we collaborate on large projects, we like to ensure the workload is broken down in such a way that it results in this same dynamic and encourages quality over repetition and blandness.


It is our belief that integration and cross-pollination is the future of the architecture industry. This doesn't just mean segmented collaboration between designers and related fields, which we already see quite frequently. It means true integration between systems and industries as a whole. We believe that huge opportunity exists at these points of intersection and the more knowledgeable and versatile every employee can be, then the more adept and successful an entire company can be at recognizing them as well. That is one of our main goals at MAD, to find these moments of advantage that exist when you have people who understand development, as well architecture, or people who are realtors and also architects, all working together rather than siloed.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

-Steve Jobs

“You can put down a bad book; you can avoid listening to bad music; but you cannot miss the ugly tower block opposite your house.”

-Renzo Piano

“Each new situation requires a new architecture.”

-Jean Nouvel

“Every building is like a person.  Single and unrepeatable.”

-Ayn Rand

“We don’t have preconceived ideas; we work, we analyze, we read, we step into projects knowing that we’re not the first ones there.”

-Elizabeth Diller







Matthew Clapper

Matthew Clapper is the Founder and CEO of MAD. He is a licensed Architect and holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Kansas, a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University in NYC, as well as an Advanced Professional Certificate in Real Estate Development from NYU and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Before starting MAD he worked in the NYC offices of Perkins Eastman and Greenberg Farrow, as well as the Paris, France office of Ibos and Vitart. He serves on the AIA National SFx (Small Firm Exchange) Committee as a Regional Representative and its 2021 Chair and locally on the Boards of the Regional & Urban Design Knowledge Committee and the SFx. 2022 Wisconsin Young Architect of the Year

Elizabeth Fallon

Elizabeth Fallon is a Principal and the other half of the leadership of MAD:Designs. She is a licensed Architect and holds a B.Arch degree from Syracuse University and a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University in NYC. Before joining MAD she worked at the largest high profile architecture firm in the U.S., in both their NYC and Chicago offices. Several of her previous projects at that firm have won awards.



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Single Family Homes

First Home, Growing Family, Downsizing, Prefab, Modular, etc.

Vacation Homes

Mountains, Beaches, Forests, etc.

Multi-Family Residential

Condos, Apartments, Mixed-Use, etc.

Auxiliary Dwelling Units

In-law Suites, Workshops, Offices, "She Sheds", etc.

Breweries / Brewpubs

Breweries, Brewpubs, Tasting Rooms, Cask Rooms, etc.

Wineries / Wine Bars

Wineries, Wine Bars, Tasting Rooms, Tour Spaces, Administration, etc.

Distilleries / Tasting Rooms

Liquor Distilleries, Tasting Rooms, Tour Spaces, Administration, etc.

Bars / Speakeasies

Bars, Lounges, Speakeasies, etc.

Boutique Restaurants

Restaurants, Cafes, Pop-ups, etc.

Boutique Retail

Coffee Shops, Barbershops, Fashion Stores, etc.

Boutique Hospitality

Hotels, Resorts, BnB's, etc.

Boutique Offices

Start-ups, Tech Companies, Growing Companies, etc.

Adaptive Reuse

Gut renovations & conversions of existing structures.


Libraries, Schools, Fire Stations, etc.


Logos, Signage, Color Palettes, Marketing Materials, etc.

Products / Other

Furniture, Mobile Pop-ups, Shipping Containers, Retail Displays, etc.


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